• A cloud server provides it users with complete advantages of a dedicated server, but at very affordable prices. Another benefit of cloud services is that they can be upgraded and scaled down without any major fuss. Cloud Servers also provide a complete backup of the services; means, even if one server goes down your website will still continue to operate fully on other servers. The company offers cloud services on windows 2003 & 2008,2012,1019 Red Hat Linux and Cent operating systems. CloudsDial backs its cloud solutions with 24/7 online support, up to 99.9% uptime guarantee and full administrative rights among others.

    •   Dedicated Cloud Server and Complete System Isolation.
    •   Dedicated IP Address(es) – additional IP (optional with additional cost)
    •   Choice of OS (Windows 2008,2012,and Linux Cent OS).
    •   Connect directly using SSH, Remote Desktop or Terminal Services.
    •   Full Root/Administrator Access over the entire Operating System.
    •   Install Custom Software.
    •   99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

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    1. Usability: All cloud storage services reviewed in this topic have desktop folders for Mac’s and PC’s. This allows users to drag and drop files between the cloud storage and their local storage.

    2. Bandwidth: You can avoid emailing files to individuals and instead send a web link to recipients through your email.

    3. Accessibility: Stored files can be accessed from anywhere via Internet connection

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